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DIY: World Market Antique Frame


Safe to say that my master bedroom got pushed to the end of the list when my husband and I bought our home well over a year ago. The main living spaces are furnished & I thought maybe it’s time to show these bedroom walls some love (pun intended ;)). So, to World Market I went. I was immediately drawn to their large antique frames but for how simple they were, I couldn’t justify spending $17 a pop. I’m cheap sometimes, okay, I know.

Moral of the story? I made them my-damn-self.

Not only is this project ridiculously cheap, but so easy. The best part? Each frame cost about $1 to make. How you ask? The biggest junk drawer known to man – the dollar store. Their 11×14 simple black frames sell for $1 so I swiped a few right up! Then just grabbed some duct tape & rope and wham! New bedroom decor is here to stay.


I hope you found this hack to be worth seeing and doing! Maybe there will be more dollar store hacks to come! Oh God… that just sounds like I’m on the path to hoarders anonymous.

If hanging above a bed, crib or common lounge area please be sure to use reinforcements & not just duct tape when hanging. Do remember this is a quick & cheap fix.


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