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Real vs. Dupe: Bag Edition


On a whim (what’s new), I decided to sell some of my diaper bags & a majority of my handbags because I NEED CHANGE & I NEED IT NOW (shoutout to ADD!). So with a little cash in my pocket I went looking for new bags. Of course I fell hard for a beautiful $1800 Gucci backpack, I mean it is everything I’ve ever dreamed of AND it would go with any and every outfit, BUT I really want to pay my mortgage this month & not have my husband divorce me over a bag. So I’m doing what any reasonable adult would do and look for something similar at a fraction of the price. I mean, it can’t be that hard.. can it (insert huge freakin’ sigh)?

So after looking and looking and looking, I finally found a few bags that are worth sharing.

The rundown:

Gucci Signature Leather Backpack $1,790 vs. Gucci Dupe: Dream Control Quilted Textured Vegan Leather Mid Size Backpack $34.95

CELINE Micro Luggage bag $2,900 vs. CELINE Dupe: Ainifeel Women’s Genuine Leather Smile Top Handle Handbag $119

Burberry Medium Camberley Colorblock Leather & House Check Top Handle Satchel $1,595 vs. Burberry Dupe: FASH Limited Cross Body Style Satchel Bag $25.59

Saint Laurent Toy LouLou Calfskin Leather Crossbody Bag $1,190 vs. Saint Laurent Dupe: A New Day Women’s Quilted Crossbody Bag $29.99

What do you think? I’m really loving the dupes – with the right outfit, I can still look glam without breaking the bank. My husband can rest easy knowing the mortgage will be paid, and his wife, me, will be happy! 🙂


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