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It wasn’t until I became a momma that I really started to think about the products I used & put into my body. I discovered essential oils when I was pregnant, & from then on, my eyes were opened to all the damn chemicals in e r y t h a n g! I knew my body was absorbing every substance I applied but I was ignorant to what they could in fact do to my body.

I now try my HARDEST to pay attention to everything I use but, sadly, it can get exhausting. For instance, I raved about some new nail polish I found at the drugstore yesterday – the colors are so good. BUT, the first ingredient? Formaldehyde. If you aren’t familiar with formaldehyde, take a second to educate yourself and check this out. Big ol’ bleh! 

Growing up, oils & incense were the norm – my house always reeked of sage (I say reeked because my dad drowned us in this scent). My dad has always used essential oils as cologne, but it took me 25+ years to realize that there are benefits to these oils. Honestly, I thought he just liked smelling like the wilderness (he will take that as a compliment). My popps uses frankincense essential oil on the reg – which can benefit the immune system in tremendous ways, huge plus for a guy fighting MS! I just discovered frankincense on my most recent trip out west (where my parents reside) and I ended up coming down with some sort of bug. I decided not to freak out & go to the doctor for an antibiotic – one that they might not even give me – and I stuck to oils, teas, fresh air, hot showers & rest. Kicked that bug by my own damn self! I used frankincense on my feet at night, eucalyptus oil in the diffuser and I like to think it helped a lot. Now, I’m not saying oils can cure all that ails you; but I’m saying they are worth a try & have been workin’ wonders for me.

This flu season did feel like the worst ever; just like the winter seemed like the longest ever. And with an infant, germs seem so much more relevant than they ever have before. Another oil that I learned to love is a blend by doTERRA – doTERRA’s Breathe Respiratory blend. It smells wonderful, and it’s not too strong. All you have to do is open that little bottle, take a deep breath & let the oil do the rest. It has such a calming effect (as does Lavender!). If you want to get really wild, you can even drop a couple drops into your diffuser while you sleep and that my friends is the. good. stuff.

Not only have I fallen for oils, but I’ve also recently brought yoga back into my life. For some lazy ass reason I took a break once I got pregnant – I mean yeah, I couldn’t get down on all fours anymore but I could’ve been doing some sun salutations… Anyways, now at night even if I’m just doing a five-minute stretch before bed, I’ll rub some oils on my feet, back of my neck and behind my ears to help me relax. It’s pretty wild what scent can do for your state of mind – it truly is invigorating. Of course, a couple deep breaths and a child who sleeps through the night really helps me relax too. My favorite oils for this kind of night include lavender & peppermint. Peppermint oil is also great for headaches… which I tend to have the next morning if my darling little sweetie pants didn’t feel like sleeping through the night. All you have to do is rub a little peppermint oil on your temples & don’t forget those deep breaths, people!

Now let’s say that my darling little sweetie pants does sleep through the night? And I wake up feeling like a human, I’ll drop one or two grapefruit oil drops onto my wrists. Grapefruit oil is known for its mood uplifting tendencies – and a plus? It smells marvelous.

Confession: I have only used essential oils as perfume since Bryce was about a month old. It was my husband & I’s first date night post birth & I put on perfume before we went out. Bryce wouldn’t come to me – he screamed when I got near him. So it scarred me and possibly him. Yeah, I’m dramatic and mom guilt is real. So ever since, I’ve used oil blends. They really do the trick for perfume! Plus you can customize them to the scent that you love!

My oil journey is just beginning but I’m really loving where it is taking me. PLEASE share your favorite oil blends, brands & tips with me. I am immensely intrigued by what oils YOU love!


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