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It was April 21, 2017, and I was feeling every emotion in the book. I was getting ready (or so I thought) to welcome a baby boy into the world. I couldn’t believe I was going to be so lucky that I’d may just have an Earth Day baby! Little did I know, my induction failed and baby boy Bryce didn’t join us on Earth Day… yeah, that’s right – my induction FAILED (apparently, that can happen). Although I may not have gotten an Earth Day baby, I did get a healthy baby boy…eventually… two days later. Needless to say, I LOVE EARTH DAY. It’s the day we can roll in the grass, talk to trees & ants – all while not looking like a crazy person. Okay, maybe I should leave that kind of stuff to Bryce at this age, but you get it, right? On Earth Day, we get to celebrate this wonderful planet that we are SO lucky to have – sadly, we have a tendency to forget just how lucky.

With that, here are a few of our favorite products and tips that have helped us minimize our carbon footprint:

Switch from cotton balls & cotton rounds to something as soft & darling as these. Facial Rounds that can be WASHED! Look at it this way, spend $18 once a year or spend $4 twice a month. Also, bring your own bags to the grocery store; I bet you’ll even be able to get all your groceries in on one trip this way! I could go on for days about products that are reusable, and that we should be using all the time, but I won’t for too much longer. I’ll stop as soon as I tell you that I’ve gone as far as trying cloth diapers and I was NOT a fan. I felt like I smelled like shit for two weeks (that is how long I lasted) BUT thanks to our girl LaLa, I’ve been introduced to POOF Biodegradable Diapers – they are FULLY COMPOSTABLE & chemical FREE. You can even give them a try if you aren’t sold off the fact of them alone being compostable. Head here! #GameChanger

Try finding brands like WearPACT – brands that care about the planet – not ones that claim they care about the planet. WearPACT clothing is SO soft. I love all their undies; and recently found that they sell some items at… drum roll please… T A R G E T! Yup, they made it to the big time. I snagged one of their racerback bralettes & honestly, it could be a sleep bra – it’s that comfy. It isn’t the most supportive, but the bra keeps my tits from smacking me in the face when I work out, so I count that as a win.

I will admit, this was a hard one for me to adjust to… but try carrying your own water bottle. Sorry, I know I said I wouldn’t keep going on and on about reusable products, but it’s a big deal. Somedays I forget it; and somedays if I’m in a rush, I’ll grab a plastic one because it’s easier (and I’ll cringe and roll my eyes at myself) but all I’m saying is TRY. Why? One reason, they take 400-1,000 YEARS to decompose. Like, can companies just stop making them? That’d be great. I go back and forth between my beloved YETI & my budget find, Ozark Trail. The Ozark Trail doesn’t keep water cold for nearly as long as my YETI, but it keeps things hot enough for long periods of time which is awesome if you are a tea or coffee fiend (I am, in fact, both of these things).

Buy items that are on rotation the most frequently in bulk. This way you can even find yourself darling jars to keep the items in. Find yourself jars that’ll match any decor – like these. This way, if you are anything like me & can’t put something back to save your life, it’s perfectly fine if they sit out on the counter. 😉

Okay, my newest lil eco lifestyle tip? Honestly, I’m kind of embarrassed about how long it took me to discover this one but try dryer balls – get rid of those disposable dry sheets. There is no reason why those sheets exist, I mean okay we do know they clean baking sheets (shoutout to you, Pinterest!) but other than that? We. Don’t. Need. ‘Em.

My goal this year is to not only keep up with these little lifestyle changes but also introduce more into my everyday life. I would LOVE to hear your tips for how you live a little greener – just lemme know in the comments below. See what I did there?!  #KBye

Happy Earth Day!


It’s that time again! The Sephora Spring Bonus Sale is almost here, and boy, do I need to calm the heck down. Major sales only happen twice a year at Sephora – and just so happens to be the only times I tend to stock up. I wanted to share with you a few items I want to pick up and, I think, you might enjoy!

The Rundown:

Between Friday, April 20 and Monday, April 23, VIB Rouge, VIBs, and BeautyInsiders can shop in-store or online at a discount.

VIB Rouge receive 15% off with the code “YAYROUGE

VIB receive 15% off with the code “YAYVIB

BeautyInsiders* receive 10% off with the code “YAYINSIDER
*If you sign up today – or any day before April 20, you are eligible for the BeautyInsider 10% off during the Spring Bonus Sale. 

There are some exclusions to be aware of:

  • Cannot be applied to previous purchases, gift cards, Flash shipping or PLAY! by Sephora subscriptions, or combined with any Promo Codes.
  • Not valid on The Ordinary
  • Limit of 1 Dyson item “per transaction”
  • Limit of 3 Drunk Elephant items “per transaction”

Okay, now that I’ve got all that out of the way, I now want to share with you a couple products I plan to repurchase, and a few products I plan to purchase and try for the first time!


My f a v o r i t e category. And to be honest, I had to REALLY reign it in. There is SO much I want to try, but to keep my skin (and aesthetician) happy, I limited myself to things I really just needed. I know, I know – I’m proud of me too.

Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream – $68
An anti-aging moisturizer, and packed with all the good stuff – amino acids, peptides, and growth factors that replenish your skin, and reduces lines, wrinkles, and sun-damage. But what really sealed the deal for me were the reviews from people with similar skin type as me. I’m combination-oily, and want a moisturizer that isn’t heavy, people with my skin type kept saying they could wear this during the day without turning into an oil slick. And the icing on the cake? I kept reading things like, “better texture” and “smaller pores.” Done. Add to cart. I will keep you all apprised of my thoughts on this cream. Me thinks it’ll all be positive.

tarte – Knockout Tingling Treatment – $39
I know what you’re thinking. Skincare from a makeup company? I know – I really think that companies should stay in their lane and perfect whatever category they’re known for. However, I made an exception for this exfoliating toner. I’m a huge fan of lactic (AHA) and salicylic (BHA) acids, and when I saw this – it immediately piqued my interest. So what’d I do? Go to YouTube, of course!

I watched a video from a YouTuber I admire and trust the most, Stephanie Nicole. She talks about the product for five minutes, and she was so impressed by it, that I was sold. This stuff is perfect for any skin type – the only thing I would keep in mind is if you are not used to acids, you may experience a tingling/burning sensation. If you’re not into that idea – stay clear.

Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum – $80
A repurchase for myself and Kate. We both see a noticeable difference in how our skin looks and feels – this stuff truly works. Kate and I have seen a difference in our skin tone and texture.


Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Perfecting Primer – $38
My cousin introduced this primer to me during my trip to California. My skin has been whackadoo lately, and really need to keep the oil slick on my face at bay. It’s to the point where my foundation lays weird and breaks up on my chin and around my nose – I was so over it. I used this primer during my grandpa’s 90th birthday – and my face stayed in place! I was so impressed, that I added to my cart. Here’s to hoping that this stuff holds up to the mugginess that often comes to Maryland during the Spring and Summer months.

COVER FX – Power Play Foundation – $44
Keeping to the same theme in staying as matte as possible. I noticed Cover FX released a new foundation perfect for combination oily skin types. My sister really enjoys this brand, and has encouraged me to check it out. I’m finally taking her advice – so I’m trying this foundation. There are 40 shades to choose from, and offers options for neutral, pink, and golden undertones. The reviews have me really pumped – I keep reading things like, “no transfer” and “stays all day.” My favorite line though – “this foundation survived a half marathon.” If that doesn’t sell it for you, I don’t know what would…


COOLA – Sunless Tan Anti-Aging Face Serum – $54
Because I never leave the house without 50 SPF on my face, it tends to be several shades lighter than the rest of my body. I’m somewhat afraid of tanning oils – but since this is buildable – it makes me less nervous. I also really love this brand because it’s organic and so safe, even pregnant ladies can use it! I’m super excited to try this because, again, the reviews are pretty stellar.

COOLA -Sunless Tan Dry Body Oil Mist – $46
Kate recommended this even before I mentioned the face serum – unfortunately, it’s sold out. But I’m hoping it’ll be available during the sale – even if it isn’t I plan on purchasing anyway. Again, this is a gradual build, and would really just like to maintain a bronzed glow through the summer. I use SPF all over, guys – I’m paranoid.

A Few Other Suggestions…

Fragrances! If you’ve got your eye on a particular perfume or cologne – the Sephora Spring Sale Bonus is the time to buy. Fragrances NEVER go on sale, and are on the pricier side – so save yourself a few bucks. A few suggestions: JO MALONE LONDON Peony & Blush Suede CologneESTÉE LAUDER Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche Skinscent, and ELIZABETH AND JAMES Nirvana Black. Jo Malone is perfect for Spring (if it ever decides to show up). Bronze Goddess literally smells like summer. Nirvana Black is feminine and masculine all at once and makes me feel sexy – perfect for date night!

Tools! Specifically for cleansing and hair. I cannot live without my clarisonic – this cleansing brush will leave your face squeaky clean. I accidentally left this behind during my trip to California, and noticed that my face felt a little clogged and looked a little dull. When I got back, I used it, and immediately my skin looked and felt 10x better.

The next item I would suggest snagging during this sale is an item I reviewed before – and I am so happy with this trio. The T3 Micro Whirl Interchangeable Styling Wand would be a great addition to your styling tools or if you’re just in the market of a high quality set. Again, a pricier item; however, are rarely on sale.

Alright, there ya have it – my suggestions for the Sephora Spring Bonus Sale!
Have you had your eye on anything?  I would love to know – I’m always up for trying new things.
You’ll also have to tell me if you purchased any of the items, I plan to buy – I would love to trade thoughts.

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Handy Travel Essentials


I’m a really good packer. I grew up as a military brat and, as a result, have traveled a lot – I can throw a bag together at a moment’s notice and have everything I need for a comfortable trip. I have a system down and it works! Now that I’m in a relationship that is not only a plus one (my boyfriend), but a plus two (my boyfriend’s eight year old daughter) – a few travel essentials have been added to my list. With that, I wanted to share with you the items that I think everyone should have while traveling.

1. Packing Cubes

You just need these – just “Add to Cart” and click “Purchasenow. These packing cubes make filling a bag so much easier!  Packing cubes not only allow for organization, but also help compress clothes allowing for more room in your bag. Music to an over-packer’s ears! My boyfriend was able to comfortably pack two packing cubes and toiletry bag into his REI backpack. Little Miss and I checked in a bag (because we had to – we usually opt to carry on), and used five packing cubes to organize our clothes. With room to spare for shoes, I might add! This is my number one travel necessity – it’s seriously life changing.

Side story: I even received a compliment from my 85 year old Filipino Grandma – she was so impressed with my packing skills that she immediately asked me to buy her cubes for my grandparent’s trip to the Philippines. I had to tell you all this because a compliment from a Filipino Grandma is hard to come by – and usually, she’s the one schooling us grandkids, not the other way around. 🙂

2. Portable Battery Charger

When you’re in tourist mode, your phone is used a lot. Not only for photos, but also for navigation. With the amount of driving and picture taking, there was no way our phones would’ve powered through the whole day. This battery charger saved us a number of times. The charger allows for two devices to charge at a time, and allows for MULTIPLE charges. Genius. I didn’t have to charge the battery at all during our trip.

3. Hand Sanitizer Wipes and Toilet Seat Covers

Oh my goodness – public restrooms. They scare the hell out of me; I would much rather deal with a poltergeist. Anyway, over my dead body will I ever purposely sit my cutie little tush on an unclean toilet seat. Yes, I do practice the art of hovering; but not all toilet seat heights are created equal – some are just too damn high – so I can’t and neither can the Little Miss for that matter. With that, toilet seat covers came in handy. Also, I definitely had extra to spare and offered a couple seat covers to women equally disgusted. Did I make new friends? You bet your hiney, I did.

While most of these restrooms had working sinks, my hands felt even dirtier after washing my hands (that’s normal, right?). I really just wanted to ensure all of the germs were gone, so the hand sanitizer wipes came in handy. These also came in handy when Little Miss decided to eat with her whole face instead of just her mouth. HA! 

4. Expandable Getaway Bag

Perfect for travel! The getaway bag is classified as a personal item, which is a bonus because I rarely a check bag. This bag fits right under the seat, and my carry on luggage pops right in the overhead bin. Match made in heaven. Anyway, one of the main reasons I love this bag so much is because it EXPANDS. This allowed Little Miss and I to bring back a few things we picked up in California. For her: Harry Potter’s wand and random bobbles; Me: a shoebox full of lemons and calamansi (fruit that is a cross between an orange and lime) picked fresh from my grandma’s garden. Priorities, people, priorities. 

These handy travel essentials are just a couple of the items that I always pack, no matter where I go or for how long. These items, in particular, were lifesavers during our trip to California and honestly made the trip so much easier.
What are some items you always bring along on a trip? I’d love to know!