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Our Thoughts on Cupshe


We’ve all heard about Cupshe suits – they are everywhere! And by everywhere, I mean Amazon, which is a huge deal if you are going to the beach this weekend and still don’t have a suit. SO we decided to give Cupshe a try!

I got my hands on a bunch of their suits, thinking that the ones that I did not like I could return because that’s what their website said. HOWEVER, despite what their website says, Cupshe does not offer full exchanges or returns… which isn’t ideal. Instead, Cupshe offers 120% store credit or a 50% refund AND you do get to keep the original suits. But like, that seems wasteful to me, especially if you don’t like the suits or if they just don’t work for your body type. Thankfully, three suits worked well enough for me & the other three worked for my besties so I’m going to call it a win.

Short version: Order your Cupshe suits from Amazon & you should be okay since they have a normal return policy.

The details…

All around I was very pleased with the quality of each suit. They ran true to size & were as pictured. I was nervous for $25 each (give or take a few bucks) that I was going to get shit-suits but really, the quality surpassed my expectations. My absolute favorite piece that I seriously wish they offered in more colors because I’d buy them all was the Black Crystal One-Piece. IT IS SO GOOD! Supportive, trendy & simple – a tad cheeky but it works for me. I also loved loved loved the Heart Attack Falbala One-Piece. The only thing that didn’t work for me is that this suit highlighted a scar that I’m just not quite comfortable enough showing off yet; BUT besides that little personal insecurity, it’s a winner. Another suit from Cupshe that I just adored was the Lucky Star Embroidery One-piece. This was a great one for the waves & a very causal suit which I totally dig.

The pieces that didn’t work for me, but worked perfectly for my friends? The Lillies Open Print One-Piece, True Love Print One-Piece & the Beautiful World One-Piece. My homies (Marissa & Molly) aren’t nearly as curvaceous as me (not saying curvaceous is a bad thing), but they are slim beauts that have a few inches in height on me. I adore these pieces on them -I just resemble a pear too much for these suits to work for me.

I hope this little review helps you with your Cupshe purchase! If you’ve tried any of their suits or decide to try any please let me know in the comments below. I’m eager to know how they all fit. I’m actually thinking about snagging a few more because I can’t get them out of my head. Like c’mon, how cute is this one?! Annoyed that I just now found it!




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