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Surprise, Surprise! 30th Birthday Trip to Punta Cana


I turn 30 on August 17, so when my boyfriend suggested we go on a trip to celebrate, I was totally for it! I LOVE to travel. After a couple weeks of suggestions, which ranged from Croatia to Peru to the Caribbean, my boyfriend decided to take the reins and surprise me. He didn’t want me to know a single detail, and for a whole month I was subjected to teasing: “pack a parka, we’re gonna see some penguins, babe.” My best friend and even a handful of co-workers knew my destination! Torture. But let me tell you, there was something so nice about having to just show up.

Travel Day

Travel day did not come soon enough; I felt excited and nervous all at once. We checked in, and I told the Southwest employee and the TSA agent that “I have no idea where I’m going and I don’t want to know, but I’m obviously going willingly.” HA! They both chuckled and were all about the surprise. Anyway, we walked towards our gate and my blood was PUMPING. I was so nervous, and finally, we arrived to our gate… and nothing. The display did not have our destination. Womp, womp. I realized that my ticket has all the information, so I looked, and found out WE’RE GOING TO PUNTA CANA!! YASSSSSS! But I still didn’t know where we were staying…

After a 3.5 hour flight, we found our driver holding a sign with my boyfriend’s name. Both of us felt so bougie, we nervously laughed. From the airport, it was a 45 minute drive to the resort. Longest. Drive. Ever. There was so much anticipation built up, I just wanted to get there… and finally, WE ARRIVED.

The gates opened, and cue heavenly music… we arrive at the Zoetry Agua Punta Cana Resort.

Spoiler alert: this was the most amazing resort, and ya just need to go!

Our Arrival

We were greeted by friendly staff, and were offered a cool towel and iced tea – so refreshing after a half day of travel and a relatively long customs line. The lobby was beautiful – open air with high ceilings made with palapa (palm) leaves. After we checked in, we were assigned our own PERSONAL BUTLER. YES, you read that correctly. His name was Ramon, and anything we needed, at any time, we could contact him. As he was taking us to our room, he gave us the lay of the land. The grounds were beautifully landscaped, but we immediately noticed how quiet and tranquil the resort was. At one point, my boyfriend asked if we were the only people on the resort because it was that quiet, and we didn’t see any other couples!

Our Room

Rustic and elegant all at once. Hardwood floors, cathedral ceilings, stone and palapa roofs – so much texture. I loved it. We had a king size bed with pillows you just melted into – we kept talking about how our sleep was so deep and that we always woke up well-rested. The best part? The view. We had a walk out deck into a semi-private pool. I mean, how cool is that? The entire time we were there, we would often have the pool to ourselves. Floating. In the sun. With a drink in hand. 

Let’s talk amenities in the room. The resort is all inclusive, so the mini fridge was stocked daily – soda, water, booze, and nespresso pods galore. They offered 24-hour room service – and you can bet your booty I totally drunk (more to come on this) ordered food to the room. The bathroom products are SO bougie, y’all. The brand? Bvlgari. Everything about this place was just so luxurious and impressive.Every time we left the room for a couple hours, our room was tended to – from our bed being made (garnished with flower petals every time) to chocolate covered strawberries to champagne on ice (TWICE) to a birthday mango cake to a farewell cake. We were spoiled and it almost didn’t feel right… but we absorbed every single bit of it.

The Beach

Take me back. The resort had a 200 yard private beach on the Caribbean Sea for guests. There were lounge chairs and beds under “huts” with palapa roofs. There was a tiki bar that offered not only booze but also freshly opened coconuts for the guests to enjoy under the hot Caribbean sun or if they’ve indulged too much on the unlimited top shelf booze. Guilty. There were also beach runners that would offer fruit kabobs and take drink requests.

This time of year, seaweed is rampant, so it ended up on the shoreline. But the resort made arrangements to have it cleaned up right away. The water WAS AMAZING – it was calm and warm – I think I spent 50% of the trip in the water.

Because the resort is adults only, the beach was actually serene. No screaming children. No loud music. Just the crashing of the waves and the palm trees moving in the breeze. Does this not sound like heaven or what? All beaches should be like this, people.

The Pools

There were semi-private pools all over the resort, as well as an infinity pool with a wet bar, and an infinity pool overlooking the beach. After the first full day on the beach, we decided to mosey over to the pool with the wet bar. We met a few couples from the states and bonded quickly. Let’s talk quickly about the service – amazing. The bartender was attentive and quick to make our drinks. We were even able to order lunch from the restaurant a few yards away. Ceviche and margs? Yes, please!

Let’s just say on this day, we died a little. One of the couples we met made us take a shot that included wine and whiskey. What? No. Don’t ever take a shot like this if you’re offered one. This is when room service came in handy. My boyfriend passed out, and I sat there eating my pasta and hamburger while watching Youtube. It was honestly such a great night. HA! I digress.

Some of the pools had floating loungers that we took advantage of everyday. In fact, we decided that our next home must come with a saltwater pool and a lounger. Ugh, you guys… I miss this place too much.

The Restaurants

There were four restaurants, three bars, and a cafe in our resort. The cafe offered coffee and pastries, while the four restaurants offered different cuisines ranging from European to Caribbean. Each restaurant had set menus offering organic and locally grown fare. Everything we ordered came exactly as we ordered. In fact, the first night, we decided that we liked the food so much, that we went on a food tour and hopped around to the other restaurants. Because why not? The portions were smaller than the American norm, and we felt okay about it.

Each restaurant was decorated uniquely – one was more modern, one beachy, one traditional to the DR, and the other euro-chic. We fell in love with high ceilings and the palapa roofs, they really did it well – not corny at all – if island chic is a thing, this place is it.

The Spa

Tranquil AF. We received our 70 minute couples massage FO’ FREE, but we had to sit through a 90 minute schpiel on the benefits of the AMResorts membership. Worth it. Upon arrival, we were offered chlorophyll water. After filling out a form, we were each led to locker rooms where we disrobed and prep for our massages. We were given our own little hut for our massages, and I basically blacked out during the whole massage. I was that relaxed. 

In the spa, there were hot tubs, a pool, and a sauna. It felt like we were in a monastery because it was so quiet and calm. Essentially, you left the spa feeling revived and ready to take on the world – one of the best feelings in the world if ya ask me.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a getaway that involves romance, relaxation, and wellness. Zoetry Agua Punta Cana is the place for you! I’m the type of person who would much rather go on an adventure and experience other cultures; but let me tell ya, if all resorts were exactly like Zoetry, I would frequent resorts more. I’ve only been to two – Zoetry being the second and they’ve set the bar mighty high.

I hope you found this post enjoyable and helpful. Since Kate and I are at the age where so many of our friends are getting married or have young children and deserve a getaway – we thought it would be fun to share. Have you been to a Zoetry resort or a similar resort? Let us know – we want to know your favorite thing about it!


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