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Keto Life!


Wait, what the hell even is Keto?

“The ketogenic diet is a very low-carb, high-fat diet. It involves drastically reducing carbohydrate intake and replacing it with fat. This reduction in carbs puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis. When this happens, your body becomes incredibly efficient at burning fat for energy. It also turns fat into ketones in the liver, which can supply energy for the brain.” –Healthline

So yeah yeah, I’ve said it before but Imma say it again – I don’t do diets. At least, I thought I didn’t do diets. I’ve always thought they were pointless. Like cool, starve yourself, eat like a rabbit & don’t enjoy life; b u t then I stopped being such a stubborn jackass (Shrek pun anyone? I watch it three times a day, okay?!) and realized wait a second, what if one of these diets can actually change the way I feel? Less bloat? More energy? Better sleep? (LOL on that one, I’m a mom with anxiety) BUT maybe all these people who give different diets a try aren’t actually crazy, maybe they are just exploring food & what works for them. Guess what? This is true. These people are doing the damn thing – with food & their body at least. After one week on the Keto diet? I learned SO much about my body. I’m actually even going to… wait for it…. stick to it! I’m thinking about taking a step down from trying to achieve ketosis but the low carb life is DEF the life for me. I am beginning week three of the keto-ish life (I did slightly cheat last weekend… around midnight… Saturday night.. with iHOP… after a wedding..and then again this weekend at a birthday party… with ice cream cake)  I’M NOT PERFECT BY ANY MEANS. And I know, I know, I’m only cheating myself. LOL dramatic much? Eh.

The Food

I could bore you and break down every meal I’ve eaten since beginning my journey – but I won’t. Instead, here is what I liked & didn’t like about keto. I really enjoyed the breakfast part. Being a stay at home mom has its perks like making scrambled eggs, bacon & sausage every day for brekky. One night my hubs made me Keto pancakes for the week & let me tell you, they weren’t the best tasting cakes I’ve ever had (no knock at Nick) but with a little tweaking and less fake sugar I think we can master them. That is the thing about keto & why I really am choosing not to go full blown ketosis. The. Fake. Sugar. I do n o t like it. I gave them all a try but for me, my sweet tooth is real & the fake sugar thing is just not gonna work. BUT then there are the real ingredients that are a major part of Keto, like BUTTER. Do you know how good it feels to cook in butter again?! For years I’ve been told (by the news/health mags/humans) that butter is bad so fat so gross ewh no butter but that is not the case if you are doing keto (or know how to live)! Cook that spinach in buttaaa & throw in some garlic. It’s 5 am & now my mouth is watering for a veggie side. Change happens quickly if you let it! Okay, I know, I should take my own advice in other areas in my life.  Back on track – once I got past the fact that I was going to have to push my sweet tooth aside (so damn hard), I’ve been focusing on snacks. I greatly enjoy munching on spicy pumpkin seeds, veggies, pepperoni, cheese & nuts. Soon enough I started to realize how much I was missing fruit though. Didn’t help that my MIL brought peaches, strawberries and watermelon home for us from her travels… all this fresh, homegrown produce has been very tempting. So I have a bite here or there but not handfuls. Then I force-feed it to my son, hubs, nieces, nephews + friends – they don’t complain…  This is another reason why I’m not going to be able to do keto forever – I miss my g’damn fruit – especially right now when it seems like everything is in season (and not for much longer). But I will try and stick it out as long as I can because I WANT TO!

Recipes I already love

Pancakes that are a cross between French Toast & Pancakes. Yes, that is a thing! I grew up on french toast with cottage cheese – people think it’s weird but my grandparents always said it was a Polish thing? So this is an ultimate keto breakfast, add some bacon or sausage & you are doin’ the damn thing! Also, a great meal to have for dinner if you’re into brekky food as much as me.

Coconut Macaroons the perfect little snack or dessert, just throw a berry on top! You can even get wild & melt some Deep Dark Blackout on top! Yes, it is indeed keto friendly. With this recipe though – I cut the sugar in half. Again, the fake sugar thing ain’t my fave.

Cauliflower Mac & Cheese I’ve never cooked with cauliflower before (crazy or nah?) and all I can say is THIS SIDE IS DANK, keto or not. It’s hard to have even the slightest bit of portion control when you’ve got this as a side. Plus, you can throw some broccoli in there for some extra flava.

The Body

I’ve struggled with gut health my entire life. As a child I saw a specialist weekly. The doctors told me that I had a backward muscle in my abdomen but I never really believed them… always felt that it was something more simple than that. Finally, after I had my son, I took matters into my own hands & really tried to figure out what was wrong with my gut. Turns out, it wasn’t anything 60 oz of water a day & staying away from dairy couldn’t fix. In the first couple days of keto I kind of forgot about that… and went way too damn hard on the cheese b u t my brain turned on soon enough & was like yo girl what you doin’!? So I took a step back from the cheese, drank hella water + reevaluated. I am still shocked with how less bloated I have felt in the past weeks.

Then there is the energy! I was fighting a cold all week (two weeks ago, when this blog post was supposed to go up) but that didn’t stop me from being productive. Like, I didn’t feel the need to nap every time Bryce did. I still had energy. Even around 2 pm. And 4 pm. Guess that is just normal when your carb intake isn’t 300 grams a day (honestly, I don’t even think I’m being dramatic with that number).  I am still wrapping my head around the differences I have seen SO quickly (like losing 4 lbs in 8 days) & not fighting exhaustion every day is simply wonderful. And to think that most of that was just coming from an unbalanced diet is still kind of crazy to me (and awesome).

The Mind

Once I got going into this lifestyle change, I began thinking deeper about food – I legit stopped being naive & have been watching hella documentaries on food. The one that opened my eyes the most was The Magic Pill. Like, I cried & not because I couldn’t eat a doughnut but because a low carb/high fat diet changed the way a 5 year old girl with autism lives. The lifestyle change bettered her way of life at warp speed and it just shows that experimenting with food is in fact for everyone & we m u s t to listen to our bodies. *exits preacher Kate*

I have learned so much on this short journey & I am so excited to keep it up. The best advice I’ve received on my keto journey was from the food & fitness Goddess herself, my dear friend, Jenny Walker – she shared with me the motto she lives by: “Just don’t eat like an ass”. The girl speaks the damn truth!

If you have any low card or keto recipes you think I need in my life, please send them my way! I hope you’ll enjoy going on this journey with me.




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