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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re anything like me, you’re a last minute shopper. Can’t help it – I guess I really love the thrill of finding the perfect gift under a time crunch. But don’t worry, in this gift guide, I’ll be sharing some gift ideas that you’ll receive just in time to hear, “I love it – you’re my favorite child…”

All mom’s are different, so I’m going to give you some options that fall into the categories of: pretty, practical, and sentimental.

Let’s start of with Pretty Mother’s Day Gifts!
  1. An Engravable – either a necklace or bracelet – your mom will LOVE it. These jewels are super dainty and lightweight, and will hold some sort of sentimental value because you can engrave anything you’d like. For example: her children’s birthdays, her favorite quote, children’s names or initials, or even a word that describes her in totality. I’ve gifted this to my mom, and several of my mom friends, and it’s always a big hit! Did I mention they are both under $80? BECAUSE until May 14, all engravables are 20% off!
  2. This Voluspa Candle Set is gorgeous. This set comes with six candles, and would look perfect on any coffee table or on top of any bathroom sink counter. Not to mention, voluspa candles smell amazing!
Practical Mother’s Day Gifts
  1. I know most people save electronics for Father’s Day; but honestly, this next gift is something anyone can appreciate. This Bose Bluetooth Speaker would be a perfect addition to your momma’s home. She’ll be able to listen to music she loves, audio books, and/or podcasts! I something similar for my dad a few Father’s Days back – but always come home to see my mom dancing around the house listening to her jams while cleaning. While you’re at it, you should buy your mom a Spotify account too! Perfect gift bundle.
  2. Give your mom the gift of one less household chore, and snag her this robo-vac! I cannot tell you how life changing this little robot vacuum is; ever since we bought ours, dust bunnies cease to exist and the amount of dog hair is significantly less noticeable. You can help your mom program the vacuum, so it cleans her house every day at a certain time. She will love this gift for sure!
Sentimental Mother’s Day Gifts
  1. Frame old photos! A while back, I found myself looking through old photo albums that live in a bookcase that is overlooked all the time. I found photos from my parent’s wedding and my childhood that were so funny, the photo was just asking to be framed. I know frames can be a little pricey, but you can certainly find affordable ones from Target, Michaels, or even Home Goods!
  2. Re-enact old photos. My sister and I have yet to do this, but we’ve been meaning to. This might take a little extra planning, but can be knocked out in a day. Basically, dress in similar clothes, and re-enact the photo. Not only will the end product give your mom all the joy in the world, but ya also get some quality sibling time!
  3. DIY – y’all know that Kate and I enjoy crafting things up for our own home. If you’re own the creative side, or not, a DIY gift is, for the lack of better words, customizable. So your DIY gift can be on the artsy side; for example, I plan on cross stitching something for my mom. It can be on buying a bunch of little things and wrapping them in a gift basket. Does your mom like to pamper herself? Buy some of her favorite products to have a spa day at home. Does your mom love to cook or bake? Buy a cookbook and really pretty cookware.

Hope these gifts bring your mom joy or at least give you a few ideas of your own!
Would love to hear what you buy for your ma! Leave us a comment below.

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FabFitFun Review


Subscription Boxes – you can get one for A N Y T H I N G these days! From food to pets to beauty – you name it, you can get a box delivered to your doorstep as frequently as every week.

The subscription box I am most excited to share with you all is the FabFitFun Box! FabFitFun is a box of curated FULL SIZE products that is delivered to your doorstep each season. Individually, each box cost $49.99; however, you have the option to become an annual “select” member which will save you a few bucks and give you early access to personalize your box. The whole year membership cost $179.99.

And let me tell you… it is SO WORTH IT. Each box is limited edition and contains $200+ in retail value. This box has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made – I experience Christmas four extra times a year! I’ve been a FabFitFun box subscriber since 2015 (all boxes purchased with my own money), and this box just gets better and better! Ever since subscribing I’ve discovered new brands that span beauty, wellness, style, and fitness. A few brands that I have come to love: trèStiQue beauty, Klorane Dry Shampoo, Karuna Sheet Masks, D.L. & Co. Candles, Osea Natural Skin Care, and Gorjana Jewelry. Some may be familiar to you, others not – but you need to check these brands out. I honestly would have never stumbled upon these brands if it weren’t for FabFitFun.

Before I go any further – I have a link that will get you $10 OFF your first box! CLICK HERE. Merry Christmas to Y O U!

My FabFitFun Winter Box arrived earlier last week – and I was so excited, I met the USPS guy at the end of my driveway.

Each season, an artist is chosen to design the box that houses all of the products – they are all so pretty. I don’t know why, but it pains me to get rid of the box. I try to find a reason to repurpose – but alas, it just ends up making our pile of recyclables a little prettier.

Each box comes with a magazine revealing the retail value of each product, offers ideas on how to use or style each item, and fun facts from each brand founder/creator. This box happens to feature a mug designed by Ayesha Curry – hence why she’s on the cover!

This is the mug I received… ain’t it cute!? I’m a sucker for mugs – I find myself buying a new one every time I’m at Target. Whoops. Ayesha Curry designed three oversized mugs for this season’s box – my obvious use for this mug will be for my daily cup o’ joe. But I do fancy a nice big cup of hot water infused with lemon, an excessive amount of ginger, and honey. What’s your go to warm beverage? Comment below!

Retail Value: $18

The next item my eyes were immediately drawn to was the BB Dakota Poncho. I had the option to choose the color of the poncho since I’m a “select” member – I chose “mulberry.” I figured since most of the clothes in my closet match the color of my soul, black, I could use to add a little more color. Uhm, I love this. It can be styled as is with a loose fit or you can cinch in the waist with a cute belt (like this one) – it’s also super cute with thigh high boots!

* Retail Value: $70

Up next: Ahava Mineral Hand Cream with Dead Sea water. With this frosty Maryland weather, my skin has been drier than ever, and one cannot have too many hand cream tubes lying around. I’ve been applying this lotion after every hand wash and I find it to be super hydrating. The thing is, I find the scent to be a bit strong. Don’t get me wrong, it smells good. But again, just a little too strong for my liking. So if you are sensitive to scents of any kind, I would just be wary.

Retail Value: $33

If you are into essential oils, you N E E D this next product. I happen to be on the essential oil bandwagon, and the thisworks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray  is so soothing. I’m not sure if this helps me fall asleep any faster or deeper – I’m notoriously an awful sleeper – but the scent puts me in full relaxation mode. It smells like a spa in a bottle, and when I shut my eyes I imagine the sound of the ocean and all of my worries disappear for just a moment.

Retail Value: $29 (2.5 fl oz)

Pointe Studio Aloe Infused Cozy Socks are my jam. In fact, any cozy socks are my jam. My feet are forever in frozen mode and these socks keep my feet  nice and warm. These are also so essential after a Pure Barre workout (BEST WORKOUT EVER) – since they’re infused with aloe, I feel like my feet are continually nourished and moisturized.

Retail Value: $19

The Doucce Freematic Eyeshadow Pro Palette is a stunner. Let’s talk packaging for a second – it is so chic. The eyeshadows are housed in a shiny black container with a HUGE mirror – a must for palettes, in my opinion. I was able to choose between the smokey palette or the nude palette – I went with the nude since I am a complete neophyte when it comes to eyeshadow application. Also, everyday colors are less intimidating and more forgiving. The best part of the palette? Each eyeshadow well is magnetic – meaning you can remove each one allowing you to replace or swap out colors for a more customized palette!

Retail Value: $70

I love accessorizing; to be specific, I love jewelry – so much so, I’m a Stella & Dot Stylist on the side just so I can spread the love. Anyway, I digress. I recently heard about the brand, 8 Other Reasons, so when I saw that FabFitFun was offering a necklace through this box, I was so excited! I was able to choose between rose gold or silver, and I obviously chose the rose gold. I love this piece – it’s a choker/lariat combination made up of micro ball chains and comes pre-layered. It also comes with a 4 inch extender. I like to style this dainty necklace with a v-neck t-shirt or sweater.

Retail Value: $58

Remember that I mentioned I’m a T E R R I B L E sleeper? This next item made me jump for joy. I LIVE for eye masks. The Grace & Stella Anti Wrinkle and Energizing Eye Masks feel so nice and are a definite pick-me-up. I’ve only used them once, so I can’t speak to the anti-wrinkle claim just yet, but the eye masks definitely left my under eye area feeling hydrated and refreshed.

Retail Value: $16 (8 pack)

I saved the best for last. And let me tell you, I was SO SHOCKED this ended up in the box. This product has a cult following and is so good, it’s garnered a couple of awards. I’m talking about the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment. This product was originally created for Kate Somerville’s celebrity clients, and couldn’t be attained by us common folk – so thank goodness she saw the light and realized she could make a killing off this product alone. All you need is two minutes of your life and you will G L O W, baby. Your skin will feel like a baby’s bottom, and you will feel like a million bucks. It’s been a while since I’ve owned a tube of this treatment, but I’ve already incorporated this into my skincare routine – twice a week!

Retail Value: $75 (1.7 fl oz)

Have you been keeping tally of each product? My box has a total value of a whopping $388! SO WORTH IT, RIGHT? Even if something like this isn’t up your alley, I’m sure you know someone in your life who is into most things that fall into the “lifestyle” category. This is the perfect gift – gift them one box or the whole year, I’m sure the recipient will be elated. This is also the perfect present for that someone in your life who is notoriously difficult to shop for – win/win for you and her!

Again, I have a $10 off coupon on your first box – so take advantage!

Did you like this review? I would love your feedback! Also, feel free to suggest products you’ve been eyeing, but haven’t quite found the reason to click the purchase button – we will totally review for you.

As always, thanks for reading!






*Photo taken by My Subscription Addiction

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Holiday Gift Guide


It’s the most  W O N D E R F U L time of the year – and we want to help YOU with your holiday shopping! We’ve curated lists for the gals, guys, kids, and, of course, the furry family members in your life. H A P P Y SHOPPING!


For the Gals 2017
1. Cozy Cardi with POCKETS, $75 Leith just might be one of our favorite brands. They offer pieces for every occasion, but their cardigans and sweaters are just SO GOOD.
2. Diamond Initial Necklace, $298 For the MOST special woman in your life – this necklace is so dainty and B E A U T I F U L. You’d score some major brownie points with this one!
3 & 4. Marble Lounge Sweatshirt, $45 and Matching Joggers, $50 This might be the cutest lounge set we’ve ever laid our eyes on – a total must have for those Netflix & Chill kind of nights. PS matching shorts are also available!
5. Reversible Rose Gold Studs, $39 Reversible, you ask? Yes! Not feeling the pave crystals that day? Just flip them over and you’ve got a plain rose gold structural pyramid.
6. Faux Fur Pom Beanie, $44 This beanie comes with T W O detachable faux fur poms in ivory and warm grey. For the woman who loves to coordinate her accessories with her outfits – this one is for her!
7. aHead Headphones, $111 Not only are these at a lower price point than most of the wireless headphones out there – but the sound quality is amazing, the battery lasts for hours, and they are just SO stunning.
8. Leather Handbag, $240 R.Riveter – a brand we will forever love and support. Each handbag is crafted by military spouses here in the U.S. Perfect bag for a woman on the go!
For the Guys 2017
1. Duffel Bag, $85 How many of your husbands/boyfriends plan a guys’ weekend, pack the night before, only to find that the bags they own are too big or too small – and so they have to borrow yours? Yes, that weekender with the abstract print. Next year, you’ve got him covered. Herschel Supply Co. takes the trophy with their modern minimalism design and their ultra functional accessories.
2. Zip Front Jacket, $139 Classic Patagonia zip up – light weight and comfortable. Perfect to keep the man in your life warm with zero effort to keep things stylish! A definite W I N in our book!
3. The Time Teller, $73 To keep the gentleman in your life punctual. We know that folks are opting for smart watches lately, but we think a classic Nixon watch is necessary for more special occasions!
4. Mancrates, $20-$300 “Awesome gifts for men” is the Mancrates slogan. Awesome indeed – Mancrates offer curated boxes filled whatever your man is into – from sports to outdoors to booze. So if you’re having a difficult time choosing a gift – we think this will be a H I T!
5. Drone, $150 We’re likely adding to the never ending pile of gadgets the man in your life owns – but we think this gift is seriously SO COOL! It has a 1080P camera so images will be clear. This drone is perfect for beginners!
For the Kids 2017
1. Bandana Bibs, $16 The cutest drool bibs we ever did see! Not only will these bibs keep your kid’s stylish outfit drool free – but you can rest easy knowing that they are made of organic cotton.
2. Metallic Gold Deco Dandelion Blanket, $60 Look. Listen. We would like an adult version of this blanket because it is just so P R E T T Y! Aden + Anais is one of our favorite brands for baby bears, and this blanket is just an add to cart no brainer.
3. Playtime Pals Activity Chair, $129 Are you doing all the things, and need to keep your baby occupied? You need this activity chair from The Land of Nod. Plop your babe into the chair (keeping it on the floor, duh) and take that shower you haven’t taken in three days. Not only a gift for your child, but also for yourself. You’re welcome.
4. Stacking Toy, $27 We L O V E toys that spark curiosity and inspire creativity, and Fat Brain Toys take the cake. These tobbles will strengthen your child’s fine motor skills, coordination, and visual spatial skills.
5. Crochet Pom Pom Hat, $15 Fall is here, Winter is coming – and you need to keep the adorable baby of yours warm. We think this Bella Simone NYC beanie will do the trick, all the while keeping your baby super stylish.
6. Cuddle + Kind Doll, $48-$68 We saved the best present for last! Not only will your purchase bring joy to your own child, but you will also help fight childhood hunger. ONE DOLL = TEN MEALS. Isn’t that the most amazing thing you’ve heard? These dolls are of the highest quality and handmade by artisans in Peru – heirloom quality! These Cuddle + Kind dolls are not only good for the holidays, but amazing for shower gifts and birthday presents. Just sayin’.
For the Fur Baby 2017
1. Pet Portrait, $120-$200 Do you love your dog as much as we love ours? Then you or your dog loving family member or friend N E E D a whole wall dedicated to the little fur baby that romps around the house. Pop Your Pup artists turns your favorite photo of your pup into pop art. How fun is that? BTW – they also have shirts! So rocking a portrait of your pup all day, in public, CAN ACTUALLY HAPPEN!
2. Rescued Wine Candle, $28  A gift with purpose. The most obvious one is to keep your house smelling lovely – like your favorite wine, in fact! The folks at Rescued Wine repurpose wine bottles by hand pouring candles AND give back to animal rescue groups from portions of every sale. The gift that keeps on giving – we like it, and so will you!
3. Dog Treat Jar, $18 We love these Waggo dog treat jars because they add a pop of color to your countertop, but also keep Fido’s treats FRESH. A happy dog means…well, we don’t know because sass will always be given! #truestory We can’t with our own dogs 97.5% of the time.
4. Teepee, $40 THIS IS SO CUTE and we think it will look just adorable in your home. Think about how happy your pup would be to have his own space. If you don’t have a fur baby or a dog loving friend – we know they make teepees for human babies… or your grown self can snag one to relive childhood memories. PS A purchase of this teepee means supporting  a small business.
5. Dogeared Pouch, $24 “Be the person your dog thinks you are…” This canvas pouch is not only super handy – we can fit our everyday make up bits – but the pouch also provides a gentle reminder to the best person E V E R. Jury is still out on what Pogi, Waffles, and Stella (our dogs) think about us – but we can only hope good things!
6. Dog Toy Bin, $16 To keep all of the dog toys organized! This cute bin from the ED Ellen DeGeneres line come in a variety of sizes and colors.


We hope our Holiday Gift Guide gives you some great ideas for the most important people and pups in your life.
We’d love to hear what you think!