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Our Thoughts on Cupshe


We’ve all heard about Cupshe suits – they are everywhere! And by everywhere, I mean Amazon, which is a huge deal if you are going to the beach this weekend and still don’t have a suit. SO we decided to give Cupshe a try!

I got my hands on a bunch of their suits, thinking that the ones that I did not like I could return because that’s what their website said. HOWEVER, despite what their website says, Cupshe does not offer full exchanges or returns… which isn’t ideal. Instead, Cupshe offers 120% store credit or a 50% refund AND you do get to keep the original suits. But like, that seems wasteful to me, especially if you don’t like the suits or if they just don’t work for your body type. Thankfully, three suits worked well enough for me & the other three worked for my besties so I’m going to call it a win.

Short version: Order your Cupshe suits from Amazon & you should be okay since they have a normal return policy.

The details…

All around I was very pleased with the quality of each suit. They ran true to size & were as pictured. I was nervous for $25 each (give or take a few bucks) that I was going to get shit-suits but really, the quality surpassed my expectations. My absolute favorite piece that I seriously wish they offered in more colors because I’d buy them all was the Black Crystal One-Piece. IT IS SO GOOD! Supportive, trendy & simple – a tad cheeky but it works for me. I also loved loved loved the Heart Attack Falbala One-Piece. The only thing that didn’t work for me is that this suit highlighted a scar that I’m just not quite comfortable enough showing off yet; BUT besides that little personal insecurity, it’s a winner. Another suit from Cupshe that I just adored was the Lucky Star Embroidery One-piece. This was a great one for the waves & a very causal suit which I totally dig.

The pieces that didn’t work for me, but worked perfectly for my friends? The Lillies Open Print One-Piece, True Love Print One-Piece & the Beautiful World One-Piece. My homies (Marissa & Molly) aren’t nearly as curvaceous as me (not saying curvaceous is a bad thing), but they are slim beauts that have a few inches in height on me. I adore these pieces on them -I just resemble a pear too much for these suits to work for me.

I hope this little review helps you with your Cupshe purchase! If you’ve tried any of their suits or decide to try any please let me know in the comments below. I’m eager to know how they all fit. I’m actually thinking about snagging a few more because I can’t get them out of my head. Like c’mon, how cute is this one?! Annoyed that I just now found it!




Warm weather has FINALLY made its debut, just in time for beach season!! I’m heading to the shore this weekend and though I may not be packing a swimsuit (it’s going to be in the 60s in NJ) I am packing my SPF & sandals! BUT in two weeks when I do head down to the good ol’ OCMD, here is what I plan to bring to survive. 🙂

Let’s start with skin…

In our opinion (and dermas), skin needs the most care when you spend a day in the sun. Up until a couple years ago, I never really took SPF seriously, and now I am way too familiar with sun spots & sun damaged skin. And now that I have a little guy to take care of, we don’t skimp on the sunscreen around these parts. I’ve discovered Babyganics for Brycie, which you can find just about anywhere (including Target); we love the SPF 50+. For us elders, I’ve discovered Alba Botanica’s Hawaiian Coconut Sunscreen (shoutout to Costco, the real MVP) & I AM LOVING IT. If you aren’t a Costco member, no worries, they also sell Alba Botanica products at Target and Whole Foods! My son and I spend so much time outside that this has been a product I have used every day this week. Like, it sits right next to my dry shampoo on my dresser. It’s a big deal. And a MUST. Not only do I spray my whole body, but I also take special care of my face cuz it has come a long way and I must protect the work I’ve done. (That work is tone + exfoliate.) I’ve been using two SPF’s on my face because it can’t hurt, right?

As I’ve shared before, Tarte’s Amazonian Clay BB Tinted moisturizer is lightweight & capable of substantial coverage! It’s also an everyday use. For those days that are entirely spent in the sun, you’ll need a little bit more than an SPF 20. This is where Alba Botanica’s Hawaiian Sunscreen SPF 45 comes into play. It smells great & it’s all sorts of eco-friendly – no testing on animals, coral reef safe & biodegradable – just to name a few. Now, once you get back to your condo after a day on the beach and you realize maybe you didn’t spray on that SPF as often as you think, slab on your Korres After Sun Greek Yoghurt Cooling Lotion! THIS STUFF IS THE BEST. I’ve used it year after year & do not plan on stopping unless, of course, I pay more attention to the clock and apply SPF more frequently. Okay, lastly in our sunny little skincare department – COOLA Classic Liplux SPF 30. Have you ever had sunburned lips? It’s not fun or is it pretty.

Inexpensive but polarized sunnies. I love these from Nordy’s & have even given them as gifts because they are so cute! The quality is pretty awesome for $14! But why inexpensive for the beach? Well, I don’t know about you, but at the beach, I tend to develop some type of disorder where I always lose my sunnies. Maybe it’s because I always go in the water with them on my head or I put them on my chair & they slide off into the unknown. I’ve given up on taking the fancy pants pair to the beach & stick with polarized inexpensive ones – that I love just as much! A couple other accessories that make the salt life relaxing af? A straw hat. I snagged this one from Amazon last Spring and I can honestly say I am stoked to wear it again this season. If you aren’t a pom pom kinda girl, check out this one. Literally. Checked out. How perfect is that for a day by the water?! Love love love.

In between my cat naps and splashing around the water, I read. It breaks up the day, and why not spend your down time expanding your mind? Now, I know I know – I have a child how do I read? Well, I don’t get too that much but the second someone rests their little eyes, I grab the book. I bring a book and a trashy mag… for options (and because his nap could only last ten minutes). Two books I cannot recommend enough are The Light We Lost & The Glass Castle. I could NOT put these down when I got started and plan to read them again, they’re that good.

After taking a dip in the ocean, I always try to brush my hair. I keep a wet brush handy to brush out all the tangles. I love this brush and cannot be without it! It rakes through the nappiest of hair with little to no effort, and you don’t even need to spray in hair detangler. It’s magical, and ya need it. And because I may be a little extra and want to look like the women in a Sports Illustrated magazine, I spritz in the Fekkai Soleil Beach Spray. Not only does it add texture to your hair, but it also adds volume (once your hair dries) and shine thanks to the added sunflower seed oil.

Okay, so now that we have all these essentials, we have to carry them around somehow. Baggu offers the cutest canvas totes in a variety of patterns. I love this as a beach bag because it’s huge and can hold all of my essentials with a little more room to boot. Another reason I love this bag? It’s made with recycled cotton. Saving the earth and looking cute is my kind of thing… if you haven’t picked up on that.

What are your beach essentials?? We’d love to know!!







I’m going to let you all in a little secret – for YEARS, I curled my hair with a “curling wand” that I “Macgyver’d,” by simply unscrewing the clip that had loosened. Actually, the whole barrel was loose, but I kept using it anyway. Embarrassing – but it got the job done. For the longest time, I saw my favorite bloggers post about T3 curling irons. I always thought they were beautiful, but just couldn’t bear to dish out the money. However, when I saw the T3 Micro Whirl Trio Set, I thought to myself – “maybe it’s about damn time for an upgrade.”

I mean, the T3 Micro Whirl Trio design is just stunning – the white barrels with the rose gold accents can make any countertop look pretty. With all the hype and the sheer beauty of these wands, you can imagine just how excited I was when this set arrived at my doorstep!

What you receive in the set:
  • 1.25″ – .75″ tapered barrel
  • 1.5″ straight barrel
  • 1″ straight barrel
  • storage tote
  • heat-resistant glove
What look each barrel can achieve:
  • The 1.25″-.75″ tapered barrel is best for: (1) beachy waves, (2) textured waves and curls, (3) loose tousled curls, or (4) natural looking waves.
  • The 1.5″ straight barrel is best for: (1) red carpet glamour waves, (2) full-bodied waves, or (3) volume with bend or flipped ends.
  • The 1″ straight barrel is best for: (1) uniform spiral curls, (2) perfect mermaid waves, or (3) defined waves and curls.

kimandkateblog t3micro

Each barrel can easily inserted in the base and locked into place. There are five heat settings ranging from 260-410 degrees; easily adjustable for any hair type and texture. I keep mine on the third setting since my hair is fine and has a natural curl.

The barrels are made out of tourmaline and ceramic. Meaning, the barrels emit ions that leave curls looking smooth and shiny. T3 Micro has developed Singlepass technology allowing each barrel to deliver even and consistent heat allowing your curls to stay! No need to redo your curls later in the day. Say whaaat!? And if you’re anything like me – you often wonder if you left your curling wand plugged into the wall. Well, have no fear, there is a built-in one hour auto-off. Whew.

Final thoughts:

I have used my set consistently over the last month, and let me just say – the hype is REAL. I prefer to use the tapered wand because I love the textured, beachy waves look – but have used them all. I am SO impressed with the curls and the staying power. The first few times, I didn’t use hair spray at all – and the curls remained for most of the day. I don’t know what it is, but the Singlepass technology truly works and I am incredibly impressed. Depending on the barrel, I can even go a couple of days without re-curling. However, the real MVP is the tapered barrel – my curls stay as long as 3-4 days. No joke.

kiandkateblog tapered wand

In my opinion, the T3 Micro Whirl Trio Set is a serious must have! There is a reason this particular set has won Allure magazine’s “Best of Beauty” Award three years in a row. Luckily for you, I found two discount codes that will earn you $50 off or 15% off your entire purchase.

Use coupon code: Save50 for $50 off your purchase through 2/19/2018.

Use coupon code: Hairstyle15 to save 15% off your purchase through 4/1/2018

Believe me when I say, you will LOVE this set.

Have you tried this set before? What’s your favorite barrel?

More into straight hair? Check out our review on the Amika Polished Perfection Straightening Brush.

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Real vs. Dupe: Bag Edition


On a whim (what’s new), I decided to sell some of my diaper bags & a majority of my handbags because I NEED CHANGE & I NEED IT NOW (shoutout to ADD!). So with a little cash in my pocket I went looking for new bags. Of course I fell hard for a beautiful $1800 Gucci backpack, I mean it is everything I’ve ever dreamed of AND it would go with any and every outfit, BUT I really want to pay my mortgage this month & not have my husband divorce me over a bag. So I’m doing what any reasonable adult would do and look for something similar at a fraction of the price. I mean, it can’t be that hard.. can it (insert huge freakin’ sigh)?

So after looking and looking and looking, I finally found a few bags that are worth sharing.

The rundown:

Gucci Signature Leather Backpack $1,790 vs. Gucci Dupe: Dream Control Quilted Textured Vegan Leather Mid Size Backpack $34.95

CELINE Micro Luggage bag $2,900 vs. CELINE Dupe: Ainifeel Women’s Genuine Leather Smile Top Handle Handbag $119

Burberry Medium Camberley Colorblock Leather & House Check Top Handle Satchel $1,595 vs. Burberry Dupe: FASH Limited Cross Body Style Satchel Bag $25.59

Saint Laurent Toy LouLou Calfskin Leather Crossbody Bag $1,190 vs. Saint Laurent Dupe: A New Day Women’s Quilted Crossbody Bag $29.99

What do you think? I’m really loving the dupes – with the right outfit, I can still look glam without breaking the bank. My husband can rest easy knowing the mortgage will be paid, and his wife, me, will be happy! 🙂

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Real vs. Dupe: Winter Edition


Mules, booties, boots, loafers… it’s costly, and downright difficult to keep up in the fashion world. Alas, here I am to help decision-making a little easier on you (and on your wallet).

I’ve always been a Sorel fan; they make great boots, they do…and I’ve been eyeing a pair of the Joan of Arctic Wedge Genuine Shearling boots, BUT the price tag of $270 made me a bit unsure. People I know have made such a big deal about them – and I really wanted to understand – so I bought them. A couple days later I was on Target’s website, and found a similar looking pair of boots – Marisol Lace Up Wedge Hiker Boots – the price point was obviously lower, so naturally, I added to cart.

Once I had both in my possession, I compared the two – the heel height, the comfort, the fabric & guess what? I like the Target pair better. I think the $37.99 price tag had a large part in my decision. BUT comfort wise? The Target boots won this battle. The Sorel’s were tight on my wide feet; and thick socks were just not an option. Another faux pas of the Sorel’s? The plush shearling lining. It’s only at the top, not throughout the boot. Which, for $270, I totally thought the lining would run throughout (making it okay not to wear thick socks), unfortunately this isn’t the case. A positive about the Sorel’s? The leather. It blew away the Target boots. I mean, the Sorel’s are SO. FREAKING. SOFT. However, soft leather isn’t enough to convince me to spend almost $300.

Final thoughts: the Marisol Lace Up Wedge Hiker Boots win this round of Real Vs Dupe – Winter Edition. I still love Sorel’s, but keeping budget in mind, coupled with my need for comfort and being on trend – I just had to go with the Target dupe.

Joan of Arctic Wedge Genuine Shearling boots vs Marisol Lace Up Wedge Hiker Boots

Want to know all of our favorite dupes of the season? Check them out below!


The rundown of the real: Sorel Joan of Arc Wedge Genuine Shearling Bootie $270, Sam Edelman Hazel Pointy Toe Pump $119.95, Faren Bootie $59.96 & Delroy Slide Mule $199.95

Total: $649.86

The rundown of the dupes: Marisol Lace Up Wedge Hiker Boots $37.99, JENN D’Orsay Pump $55.97, Lucile Laser Cut Booties $34.99 & Journee Collection Keely Almond Toe Slip On Mules $34.99

Total: $163.94

So now it’s your turn! What are your favorite shoe trends this season? Do you love dupes, like me? Or do you only wear the real deal? We would l o v e to know – share in the comments below!


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FabFitFun Review


Subscription Boxes – you can get one for A N Y T H I N G these days! From food to pets to beauty – you name it, you can get a box delivered to your doorstep as frequently as every week.

The subscription box I am most excited to share with you all is the FabFitFun Box! FabFitFun is a box of curated FULL SIZE products that is delivered to your doorstep each season. Individually, each box cost $49.99; however, you have the option to become an annual “select” member which will save you a few bucks and give you early access to personalize your box. The whole year membership cost $179.99.

And let me tell you… it is SO WORTH IT. Each box is limited edition and contains $200+ in retail value. This box has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made – I experience Christmas four extra times a year! I’ve been a FabFitFun box subscriber since 2015 (all boxes purchased with my own money), and this box just gets better and better! Ever since subscribing I’ve discovered new brands that span beauty, wellness, style, and fitness. A few brands that I have come to love: trèStiQue beauty, Klorane Dry Shampoo, Karuna Sheet Masks, D.L. & Co. Candles, Osea Natural Skin Care, and Gorjana Jewelry. Some may be familiar to you, others not – but you need to check these brands out. I honestly would have never stumbled upon these brands if it weren’t for FabFitFun.

Before I go any further – I have a link that will get you $10 OFF your first box! CLICK HERE. Merry Christmas to Y O U!

My FabFitFun Winter Box arrived earlier last week – and I was so excited, I met the USPS guy at the end of my driveway.

Each season, an artist is chosen to design the box that houses all of the products – they are all so pretty. I don’t know why, but it pains me to get rid of the box. I try to find a reason to repurpose – but alas, it just ends up making our pile of recyclables a little prettier.

Each box comes with a magazine revealing the retail value of each product, offers ideas on how to use or style each item, and fun facts from each brand founder/creator. This box happens to feature a mug designed by Ayesha Curry – hence why she’s on the cover!

This is the mug I received… ain’t it cute!? I’m a sucker for mugs – I find myself buying a new one every time I’m at Target. Whoops. Ayesha Curry designed three oversized mugs for this season’s box – my obvious use for this mug will be for my daily cup o’ joe. But I do fancy a nice big cup of hot water infused with lemon, an excessive amount of ginger, and honey. What’s your go to warm beverage? Comment below!

Retail Value: $18

The next item my eyes were immediately drawn to was the BB Dakota Poncho. I had the option to choose the color of the poncho since I’m a “select” member – I chose “mulberry.” I figured since most of the clothes in my closet match the color of my soul, black, I could use to add a little more color. Uhm, I love this. It can be styled as is with a loose fit or you can cinch in the waist with a cute belt (like this one) – it’s also super cute with thigh high boots!

* Retail Value: $70

Up next: Ahava Mineral Hand Cream with Dead Sea water. With this frosty Maryland weather, my skin has been drier than ever, and one cannot have too many hand cream tubes lying around. I’ve been applying this lotion after every hand wash and I find it to be super hydrating. The thing is, I find the scent to be a bit strong. Don’t get me wrong, it smells good. But again, just a little too strong for my liking. So if you are sensitive to scents of any kind, I would just be wary.

Retail Value: $33

If you are into essential oils, you N E E D this next product. I happen to be on the essential oil bandwagon, and the thisworks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray  is so soothing. I’m not sure if this helps me fall asleep any faster or deeper – I’m notoriously an awful sleeper – but the scent puts me in full relaxation mode. It smells like a spa in a bottle, and when I shut my eyes I imagine the sound of the ocean and all of my worries disappear for just a moment.

Retail Value: $29 (2.5 fl oz)

Pointe Studio Aloe Infused Cozy Socks are my jam. In fact, any cozy socks are my jam. My feet are forever in frozen mode and these socks keep my feet  nice and warm. These are also so essential after a Pure Barre workout (BEST WORKOUT EVER) – since they’re infused with aloe, I feel like my feet are continually nourished and moisturized.

Retail Value: $19

The Doucce Freematic Eyeshadow Pro Palette is a stunner. Let’s talk packaging for a second – it is so chic. The eyeshadows are housed in a shiny black container with a HUGE mirror – a must for palettes, in my opinion. I was able to choose between the smokey palette or the nude palette – I went with the nude since I am a complete neophyte when it comes to eyeshadow application. Also, everyday colors are less intimidating and more forgiving. The best part of the palette? Each eyeshadow well is magnetic – meaning you can remove each one allowing you to replace or swap out colors for a more customized palette!

Retail Value: $70

I love accessorizing; to be specific, I love jewelry – so much so, I’m a Stella & Dot Stylist on the side just so I can spread the love. Anyway, I digress. I recently heard about the brand, 8 Other Reasons, so when I saw that FabFitFun was offering a necklace through this box, I was so excited! I was able to choose between rose gold or silver, and I obviously chose the rose gold. I love this piece – it’s a choker/lariat combination made up of micro ball chains and comes pre-layered. It also comes with a 4 inch extender. I like to style this dainty necklace with a v-neck t-shirt or sweater.

Retail Value: $58

Remember that I mentioned I’m a T E R R I B L E sleeper? This next item made me jump for joy. I LIVE for eye masks. The Grace & Stella Anti Wrinkle and Energizing Eye Masks feel so nice and are a definite pick-me-up. I’ve only used them once, so I can’t speak to the anti-wrinkle claim just yet, but the eye masks definitely left my under eye area feeling hydrated and refreshed.

Retail Value: $16 (8 pack)

I saved the best for last. And let me tell you, I was SO SHOCKED this ended up in the box. This product has a cult following and is so good, it’s garnered a couple of awards. I’m talking about the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment. This product was originally created for Kate Somerville’s celebrity clients, and couldn’t be attained by us common folk – so thank goodness she saw the light and realized she could make a killing off this product alone. All you need is two minutes of your life and you will G L O W, baby. Your skin will feel like a baby’s bottom, and you will feel like a million bucks. It’s been a while since I’ve owned a tube of this treatment, but I’ve already incorporated this into my skincare routine – twice a week!

Retail Value: $75 (1.7 fl oz)

Have you been keeping tally of each product? My box has a total value of a whopping $388! SO WORTH IT, RIGHT? Even if something like this isn’t up your alley, I’m sure you know someone in your life who is into most things that fall into the “lifestyle” category. This is the perfect gift – gift them one box or the whole year, I’m sure the recipient will be elated. This is also the perfect present for that someone in your life who is notoriously difficult to shop for – win/win for you and her!

Again, I have a $10 off coupon on your first box – so take advantage!

Did you like this review? I would love your feedback! Also, feel free to suggest products you’ve been eyeing, but haven’t quite found the reason to click the purchase button – we will totally review for you.

As always, thanks for reading!






*Photo taken by My Subscription Addiction

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You Gotta Know!


The Holidays are among us! We want to share with you the BEST Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals so you can check off that little (by that, we mean huge) Christmas shopping list!

Our fave beauty brands have a ton going on.

Catrice Cosmetics

On Black Friday, they are offering any F I V E products for just $20 AND free shipping. This sale just SCREAMS stocking stuffers!

On Cyber Monday? Spin their virtual wheel to receive a surprise deal – can be anything from free shipping to 50% off your purchase!

Anastasia Beverly Hills

This is one we will be setting our alarms for!

On Cyber Monday, select glow kits will be FORTY PERCENT off at Ulta! Marking them down from $40 to just $24.

Bobbi Brown

It’s kind of embarrassing how excited we are for this one!

On Cyber Monday, Nordstrom is going to be off the chain (YUP, we went there) for Bobbi Brown fans. You’ll be able to snag Bobbi Brown’s Long Wear Foundation for just $35, usually it is $50!  Another Bobbi Brown fave that will be part of Nordy’s Cyber Monday? Their Long Wear Gel Liner – marked down from $28 to just $17.50!


Not only is Nordys doing it big with Bobbi Brown on Cyber Monday, but you’ll also see some major MAC deals! MAC’s Brush Kit – the Anniversary Look in a Box Brush Kit – will be available (online only) for just $37.12. Marked down from $49.50! Can we say STEAL?!

Sweaty Betty

I don’t know if it’s just me being cheap or what, BUT Sweaty Betty is a brand that I regularly stalk on Insta, always tell myself I’m going to buy those bum-sculpting leggings, enter every single giveaway they host and then … I don’t buy a damn thing. But hey! They are pricey! I know, I know, they are worth it, right? I mean they have to be. So when I heard Sweaty Betty is doing a 25% off SITEWIDE sale starting the day before Thanksgiving – ALL I COULD THINK IS THAT I CAN FINALLY SIT AT THE COOL TABLE.


7 months PP & Spanx are still in my regular rotation (and by regular, I mean every single day that I leave the house). Spanx is one of those brands that do not necessarily mark down their staple pieces on the reg, BUT for Black Friday they are offering 20% off E V E R Y T H I N G (plus free shipping)! I’m jumping for joy – well, squatting for joy. In hopes that one day, I won’t have to wear Spanx ever again – a girl can dream.

Hope these deals help you pinch those pennies!