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We were going to talk this week about skincare (because we are so fucking passionate about it & we think everyone deserves to understand it), BUT we decided to switch it up – LET’S TALK FITNESS!

Kim and I have both been doing pretty damn well when it comes to reaching our fitness goals. I mean, this week, Kim joined the 250 club in Pure Barre! That means she has gotten her ass outta the house, dressed and then werked through two hundred and fifty Pure Barre classes!! YASSS QUEEEEN. I, on the other hand, have seen the lowest number on the scale that I have seen in years! I know, I know, it’s just a number, but for someone who has been battling with their weight for quite some time now, all while eating better (not psycho dieting) & leading a ‘normal’ life – this is huge! It’s called balance people! That shit is real.

What have we seen to REALLY work for us though? Like for real, for real? Find an exercise that you thoroughly enjoy, don’t make yourself run if you hate running. Say no to that second piece of chocolate (one is okay if it’s not every day!), try the cold brew coffee with a hint of cream (put down the caramel macchiatos, people!), put the wine down every now and then (or try to not drink during the week – try yoga when you feel stressed), break a sweat everyday (okay maybe take one day off if you feel like it).

The hardest one for me personally? The exercise. By. Far.

Bryce & I are outdoor people. We could be outside all damn day if the weather cooperated (& if baby boy didn’t have allergies). Somedays though the weather doesn’t cooperate (all week this week) & we have to resort to walking laps around the mall BUT that gets dangerous quick because clearly, I have my wallet on me & I a l w a y s “need” something. So I needed to find something that works, something practical for my lifestyle. I bought an elliptical years back when I was lazy, in my multiple happy-hours-a-week-days & didn’t care enough to change my diet. I thought getting on the ellitical 20 mins a day three times a week was going to fix all my problems (HA!). Thankfully I bought the elliptical then because I truly love it now. BUT recently things have gone to a whole new level – I discovered Aaptiv. A fellow blogger, Mollie Moore, shared about Aaptiv & how much she loved it (plus she had a few codes to share to get a month free) so I said sign me up! And I’m so happy I did.

Aaptiv is an app that offers on-demand fitness classes and training programs led by personal trainers all from your phone! You can choose from beginner, intermediate or advanced workouts AND they offer all the time frames. For example, last night, I chose a killer 15 minute HIIT on the elliptical & then a 5-minute stretch – all while Aaptiv was in my ear. PLUS the 15 minute HIIT was called Cardio B. so that was fun. Side note: I don’t care how ridiculous Cardi is, girl’s got talent, okkkurr!? I opted for a shorter workout last night since I was able to achieve 10k steps by 3pm; I just listened to my body because I did not want to overdo it (that my friends is no fun). I tend to usually stick to their 30-40 minute workouts. I also use Aaptiv at home and outdoors – you can use it anywhere! Even the office and, of course, the gym. I love using Aaptiv for cardio, core work, and even stretching, but that isn’t all Aaptiv offers. They even offer training for marathons! How cool is that?! I’d never do one, but still, it’s cool! They also offer guides for meditation & yoga, I have yet to try those (as I love Yoga with Adriene for that kind of thing), but I am excited to give them a try too! One thing I really love about Aaptiv is that each workout has a personal trainer – these cost a fortune in real life – so it’s nice that there is someone to motivate you when you’re working out on your own. I’m not going to lie, sometimes I tell the personal trainer to shut up (she can’t hear me, okay) but it’s only because they are pushing me hard, being too positive (#imserious) or talking over the music that I want to hear. Despite that, it is SO nice to not have to think about what to do during a workout, having someone tell you every move of your workout is a tremendous help especially when you’re a mom & your workout time is also your checkout time. Before Aaptiv, I read books or watched shows while working out & I would QUICKLY get distracted, forget which set I was on, what time I started and so on, but with Aaptiv that is impossible!

The Aaptiv app has been a complete game changer in my fitness journey & I’d love to share it with you! You can try it for free for one month – just comment with your email below, text me or DM me!  #WeGotThis


Warm weather has FINALLY made its debut, just in time for beach season!! I’m heading to the shore this weekend and though I may not be packing a swimsuit (it’s going to be in the 60s in NJ) I am packing my SPF & sandals! BUT in two weeks when I do head down to the good ol’ OCMD, here is what I plan to bring to survive. 🙂

Let’s start with skin…

In our opinion (and dermas), skin needs the most care when you spend a day in the sun. Up until a couple years ago, I never really took SPF seriously, and now I am way too familiar with sun spots & sun damaged skin. And now that I have a little guy to take care of, we don’t skimp on the sunscreen around these parts. I’ve discovered Babyganics for Brycie, which you can find just about anywhere (including Target); we love the SPF 50+. For us elders, I’ve discovered Alba Botanica’s Hawaiian Coconut Sunscreen (shoutout to Costco, the real MVP) & I AM LOVING IT. If you aren’t a Costco member, no worries, they also sell Alba Botanica products at Target and Whole Foods! My son and I spend so much time outside that this has been a product I have used every day this week. Like, it sits right next to my dry shampoo on my dresser. It’s a big deal. And a MUST. Not only do I spray my whole body, but I also take special care of my face cuz it has come a long way and I must protect the work I’ve done. (That work is tone + exfoliate.) I’ve been using two SPF’s on my face because it can’t hurt, right?

As I’ve shared before, Tarte’s Amazonian Clay BB Tinted moisturizer is lightweight & capable of substantial coverage! It’s also an everyday use. For those days that are entirely spent in the sun, you’ll need a little bit more than an SPF 20. This is where Alba Botanica’s Hawaiian Sunscreen SPF 45 comes into play. It smells great & it’s all sorts of eco-friendly – no testing on animals, coral reef safe & biodegradable – just to name a few. Now, once you get back to your condo after a day on the beach and you realize maybe you didn’t spray on that SPF as often as you think, slab on your Korres After Sun Greek Yoghurt Cooling Lotion! THIS STUFF IS THE BEST. I’ve used it year after year & do not plan on stopping unless, of course, I pay more attention to the clock and apply SPF more frequently. Okay, lastly in our sunny little skincare department – COOLA Classic Liplux SPF 30. Have you ever had sunburned lips? It’s not fun or is it pretty.

Inexpensive but polarized sunnies. I love these from Nordy’s & have even given them as gifts because they are so cute! The quality is pretty awesome for $14! But why inexpensive for the beach? Well, I don’t know about you, but at the beach, I tend to develop some type of disorder where I always lose my sunnies. Maybe it’s because I always go in the water with them on my head or I put them on my chair & they slide off into the unknown. I’ve given up on taking the fancy pants pair to the beach & stick with polarized inexpensive ones – that I love just as much! A couple other accessories that make the salt life relaxing af? A straw hat. I snagged this one from Amazon last Spring and I can honestly say I am stoked to wear it again this season. If you aren’t a pom pom kinda girl, check out this one. Literally. Checked out. How perfect is that for a day by the water?! Love love love.

In between my cat naps and splashing around the water, I read. It breaks up the day, and why not spend your down time expanding your mind? Now, I know I know – I have a child how do I read? Well, I don’t get too that much but the second someone rests their little eyes, I grab the book. I bring a book and a trashy mag… for options (and because his nap could only last ten minutes). Two books I cannot recommend enough are The Light We Lost & The Glass Castle. I could NOT put these down when I got started and plan to read them again, they’re that good.

After taking a dip in the ocean, I always try to brush my hair. I keep a wet brush handy to brush out all the tangles. I love this brush and cannot be without it! It rakes through the nappiest of hair with little to no effort, and you don’t even need to spray in hair detangler. It’s magical, and ya need it. And because I may be a little extra and want to look like the women in a Sports Illustrated magazine, I spritz in the Fekkai Soleil Beach Spray. Not only does it add texture to your hair, but it also adds volume (once your hair dries) and shine thanks to the added sunflower seed oil.

Okay, so now that we have all these essentials, we have to carry them around somehow. Baggu offers the cutest canvas totes in a variety of patterns. I love this as a beach bag because it’s huge and can hold all of my essentials with a little more room to boot. Another reason I love this bag? It’s made with recycled cotton. Saving the earth and looking cute is my kind of thing… if you haven’t picked up on that.

What are your beach essentials?? We’d love to know!!